8 Disorders That Respond Well To Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are special movements made to correct displaced spinal structures and enhance proper alignment. The main premise behind this practice is that the body is capable of healing itself. Correcting this alignment promotes proper functioning of the nervous system, which then restores health to other organ systems. Chiropractic medicine is becoming more popular as a treatment modality for many medical conditions.

If you are passionate about staying healthy naturally, then it is prudent to seek the services of a chiropractor Austin specialist. Texas has quite


a number of chiropractic centers offering specialized services to hundreds of clients every day. The following conditions can be effectively managed with proper chiropractic care.

Neck Pain

Chiropractic treatments have been used to treat neck pain for years. Numerous studies have been carried out to confirm the effectiveness of this treatment modality. One study assessed the level of satisfaction of patients with neck pain, who had undergone the treatment. The results showed that 96% of the patients were satisfied and a majority said that they were likely to seek the same treatment in the future.

In another study published in 2003 by the British Medical Journal, a number of patients with neck pain were allocated to three different treatment specialties. A fraction was treated with chiropractic manipulation, another was treated with physiotherapy, and the rest were treated with medication and counseling. A year later, the outcomes of all the patients were assessed. The results showed that the patients in the treatment subjected to chiropractic adjustments experienced quicker recovery than the rest. When seeking a Chiropractor Austin, Texas has many wonderful facilities to choose from.

Sciatic Neuralgia

Few medical specialists are as effective at ameliorating back pain as chiropractors are. A study published in the European Spine Journal showed that chiropractic adjustments were effective in relieving sciatica in 72% of patients. This is a much more impressive figure compared to the 50% obtained with steroid injections.


Chronic headaches are a major public health burden. Chiropractic medicine can be used as an alternative to conventional medicine to help manage them. Chiropractic treatments are particularly effective for tension headaches and migraines, and the accompanying bothersome symptoms. The advantage of this form of treatment is that there is no risk of getting rebound headaches, as is the case with pain medication.


Dr. George Bakris, an accomplished hypertension therapist, carried out a study to establish a correlation between chiropractic medicine and blood pressure reduction. According to his findings, a single cervical spine adjustment is just as effective in lowering blood pressure as the use of two antihypertensive medications concurrently. If you have been grappling with high blood pressure for a long time, you may find the relief you desire by seeking the help of a chiropractor Austin is the best place to find one if you reside in Texas.

Neurological Disorders

Chiropractic adjustments are believed to improve various neurological disorders by enhancing the circulation of blood and cerebral spinal fluid. In addition, they are thought to reverse cerebellar herniation, plaque formation and vertebral subluxations that result in a myriad of neurological conditions. These include, but are not limited to, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.


Severe cases of scoliosis can be debilitating for those affected. Scientific evidence shows that chiropractic spinal adjustments done in combination with muscular rehabilitation therapies can minimize the symptoms associated with abnormal spine curvature. This eliminates the need for numerous surgeries and rigid braces that adversely affect the quality of life of patients.

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

A chiropractor not only deals with the spinal column but can also improve the functioning of other joints of the body. Recently, scientists carried out a study to show how well chiropractic manipulations lessened shoulder pain and stiffness associated with frozen shoulder. A majority of the study subjects experienced complete or partial recovery and only 2% experienced minimal improvement.

Acid Reflux

Chiropractic Medicine has proven to be effective in the treatment of heartburn. This is largely attributable to the gut-brain connection, that causes the digestive system to respond to aberrations within the nervous system. These can be caused by small subluxations along the length of the spine that often go unnoticed. If you suffer from heartburn, you may need to book an appointment with your local chiropractor Austin provider. Austin based chiropractic centers cater to a large segment of clients living in Texas and neighboring states as well.


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