Essential Guide on Getting a Career in the Engineering

Most professional fields rely on a combination of science and technology to create innovative products. Engineering is one of these sectors. The thriving industry has millions of professionals who are trained in different fields to develop functional structures and systems. This article reviews different careers in this sector in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of being an engineer.

What is Engineering?

This is a field that involves the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of various structures and systems. Engineers develop and maintain devices, software programs, machines, processes as well as organizations. This sector involves professionals who use empirical evidence, math, science, and technology to create something new.

What you need to Know Careers in the Engineering Sector

Engineering is a crucial part of modern life. This sector is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining systems and structures. It’s an industry that combines technology and science. Engineers are professionals who work in different organizations – from manufacturing firms, consultancies, agriculture, and construction among others.  It is one of the fastest-growing sectors with a high number of top jobs in demand for the future.

Types of Engineering

As the major sector with top jobs in demand for the future, engineering has multiple variations. The job list in this industry is always evolving and growing. Some of the top jobs in the engineering sector include:

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering is mainly involving professionals who focus on the design and development of powered engines and machines. Mechanical engineers can be found in local garages to car manufacturing plants.

Electrical Engineering: Professionals in this job category are the “elite” electricians. Electrical engineering involves the design of systems that relate to electrical supply and appliances.

Software Engineering: It involves designing, developing, testing, and maintaining all systems which rely on technology. These include applications and websites.

Civil Engineering: A career in this sector involves professionals who are responsible for ensuring that cities and towns are running efficiently. They construct buildings, roads, water supplies, and bridges among others.

Environmental Engineering: Professionals in this area mainly focus on finding eco-friendly solutions that can help to reduce the effects of climate change. The solutions target sectors such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, etc.

Senior engineer working in garage

Advantages of Working in the Engineering Sector

Studying engineering will keep you on the best career path. The engineering sector, just like other emerging top jobs in demand for the future, is one of the fastest-growing and crucial for the economy of the USBoth aspiring and experienced professionals in this field normally experience a wide range of benefits which include:

Growth Opportunities

Professionals in this sector are usually exposed to various opportunities that are great for growth. Apart from training, there are mentorship programs to help newcomers start in the right direction. As a result, newly hired engineers, just like the experienced ones, usually have the necessary skills which are required for growth.

Versatile Work Location

Most engineers can work in different environments anywhere. This is one of the sectors where people seek opportunities everywhere in order to not only make a social or economic difference but to also experience personal growth.

Great Salary

A career in the engineering sector guarantees you a competitive salary. In order for a person to be fully certified as an engineer, they need to have been dedicated to their studies and possess the necessary skills. So the competitive salary simple match all these professional commitments.

Multiple Job Options

This is one sector that has a wide variety of job options. You can choose a career in the engineering sector but it may be in fields such as construction, biomedical, environmental, software, chemical, and many others.

Disadvantages of Working in the Engineering Sectors

Engineering, like other top jobs in demand for the future, comes with lots of disadvantages. Even with a high income, there are still people who struggle to work in this sector. Besides that, the job market itself is not easy. This means that engineers need to constantly update their skills in order to match the competition. Some of the disadvantages of working in the engineering sector include:

Development of Technology

Overall, the engineering sector is growing. However, there are some fields which are declining in growth because of the changes and overreliance on technology. There are some positions in mechanical and industrial engineering which are now being done by machines although previously technicians were doing them. Automated machines work faster and are more precise than human beings. This means that a few machines are now in place of multiple positions which human beings were previously holding.

Diverse Work Environment

No matter what position you hold, being an engineer means that you will be working in a varied environment. You will not be working constantly in an office setting neither will your working hours be regular. For instance, an environmental engineer needs to visit and analyze a remote location, conduct investigations, or collect samples before heading back to the laboratory.

High Risk of Injuries and Exposure Hazardous Materials

Most of them usually work with hazardous materials which may sometimes need helmets, rubber boots, hazmat suits, and respirators among others. Those who work in the construction industry, for instance, are at risk of suffering injuries. Besides that, those who work in the biomedical field and chemical industry may suffer from serious health problems because of the exposure to chemicals and other toxic materials.

Poor Job Security

Apart from most engineering jobs now being transferred offshore, the existing job opportunities are being filled by cheaper labor that comes from abroad. Professionals in this sector have poor job security and the current shortage of job opportunities is just a “myth”.

The Bottom Line

Engineers play an important role in the economy of the US. It’s a fun and impactful professional that affects nearly all sectors, from agriculture, construction, software development, to electricity. However, it’s also very demanding. Apart from the long working hours and constant change in the work environment, an engineer has to continuously upgrade his/her skills in order to keep up with the competitive job market.



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