Essential Guide on Getting a Career in the Hospitality and Catering

Hospitality and catering are two sectors that perfectly blend. They are usually categorized as one because they complement each other in terms of service delivery. They portray uniformity when it comes to offering consumers services. This sector is among the fastest-growing and its future looks promising with a large number of millennials traveling for leisure and content production.

What is Hospitality and Catering?

Hospitality is an industry that encompasses various fields which including traveling, tourism, transport, event planning, theme parks, food, and lodging, etc. Catering, on the other hand, is a business that provides consumers with food services on sites such as hotels, hospitals, theme parks, etc.

What you need to know

Jobs in the hospitality and catering sector are expected to have a high demand in the future. This sector is also among the fastest-growing in the economy of the US. Hospitality and catering is very interesting and versatile because it features a wide range of career options which include:

Event Coordinating or Event Planning

These are people who are concerned with conceptualizing, organizing, planning, and executing events. An event planner usually comes with relevant creative concepts which involve space, décor, and food. Besides that, they work with vendors to secure good pricing when it comes to renting or purchasing of flowers, lighting, furniture, etc. Generally, this is a detail-oriented job that requires lots of creativity, patience, and negotiation skills.


A chef is also known as the culinary guru. This is one of the most reputable jobs in the hospitality and catering industry. Chefs are professionals who know the food safety regulations and rules. They are members of the kitchen staff who are responsible for menu design, cooking, different types of cuisines, and they also oversee the kitchen team. Additionally, they are also responsible for managing the food inventory and resources as well as kitchen cleanliness.

Hotels Operations Manager

This is also among the top jobs that will be in demand in the future. A hotel operations manager is a member of staff who works in multiple operational departments in a lodge, resort, or hotel. They ensure that all the daily operations are done on time, correctly, and within the budget.  Depending on the size of the property, a hotel operations manager may manage, supervise, or work in:

  • Front office
  • Food and Beverage
  • Human Resources
  • Guest Relations
  • Spa Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Security


This is the person who ensures that everything is done correctly and on time when you’re staying in a hotel. Concierges book hotel transfers and generally work to ensure that hotel guests have a great experience during their stay.

Tour Guides

They are responsible for taking tourists in attraction sites. Besides that, a tour guide is well-versed with history, culture, and heritage of a specific place. They answer all the questions that the visitors may be having.

Hospitality and Catering Sector

Advantages of Working in this Sector

Like other top jobs that will be in demand in the future, there are many reasons why people should consider working in this sector. Apart from the fast growth rate, this is a versatile industry that involves a number of jobs. Some of the pros include:

A Wide Range of Opportunities

The hospitality and catering industry is charming and interesting. There is a wide range of opportunities which are found here. Additionally, this sector gives you a chance to meet people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds including celebrities, politicians, and others.

Job Stability

Amidst the changing economy and the threat of recession, this sector is still strong and it’s in fact growing. This is a vibrant and flourishing industry that guarantees employees job stability. Research shows that the hospitality and catering industry will be among the largest employers globally in the future.


Unlike 9-5 jobs, this is a highly flexible sector. Employees usually work in shifts, providing time flexibility. You can even keep a second job if your work isn’t too demanding. Note that there are seasons such as low and peak and so there are times when you’ll be too busy or free.

Tips and Bonuses

People who work in this sector usually enjoy tips and bonuses on top of their regular salary. Some people usually receive hefty tips that may even reach 50 percent of the servicesThe tips and bonuses simply act as the icing on the cake to match your salary.

Its Continually Developing

This is one of the sectors that has been around for centuries. People are always going to travel, eat out, and need accommodation. And with a big number of people taking travel and leisure seriously, this is an industry that’s expected to grow at a faster rate.

Disadvantages of the Sector

This is one of the most demanding sectors that needs perfection. The quality of service has to be high and you have to ensure that everything is done on time and in the correct way. So, if you want to work in this sector, some of the downsides that you should be prepared to deal with include:

Long Working Hours

As much as the working hours are flexible, there are seasons that are too demanding. The peak season is usually characterized by early mornings and late nights. Besides working in shifts, you may be forced to work for extended hours.

Tight Deadlines

This is one sector where customers’ satisfaction is everything. The client is always right hence members of staff are required to uphold high standards. There is a lot of pressure to meet all the tight deadlines and this is usually overwhelming to most employees.

Getting a Job Can be Tough

Most employers usually love to high people with background experience. So, if you are fresh out of college, getting an entry job can be very difficult. Additionallyit’s not very easy to break through and get to the top.

Final Thoughts

Even with technology explosion, hospitality and catering is still one of the sectors that people should focus on. The wide range of careers and the versatile work environment in addition to good salaries is what makes this industry one of the fastest-growing. But as much as it’s an attractive sector, this is still one of the most tasking industries that is characterized by tight deadlines and sometimes extended work schedules.



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