Finding a Plus Size Swimsuit That Makes You Most Comfortable

The key to getting the perfect swimsuit for you is to understand your body type so that you can compliment your strengths and downplay any existing weaknesses. Whether you`re apple shaped or pear shaped -it`s difficult keeping up with all these new fruit shapes coming up everyday- the key to getting it right is knowing yourself and going for something that makes you comfortable in your own skin. So here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you go out shopping for the perfect plus size swimsuit:

Turning Broad Shoulders In To an Asset

The best plus size swimsuit for women with broad shoulders is one that turns a perceived weakness into a gracious asset. Ironically, the easiest way to do this is to turn focus away from your shoulders and instead work to make your hips appear bigger than they actually are. This could give you the coveted hourglass figure that most women would kill to have.

Picking The Right Swimsuit For a Voluptuous Chest

Most plus size women have a large bosom, which is good because a large rack will always inspire envy in your friends but things can get pretty tricky when it comes choosing the right swimsuits when going for a dip. Choose the wrong one and it`ll be a day that forever lives in infamy after your goods are displayed all over when diving into the pool. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure your swimsuit is double stitched and has strong straps to hold everything in place. Using a top fitted with an underwire can offer some good insurance as well.

How Much Of That Behind Should Be Covered

Nicki Minaj isn’t the only woman in the world with a big booty and as most women with a blessed posterior know, it can get awkward having to constantly adjust a tight swimsuit so as to maintain some modicum of modesty. String bikinis and scanty underwear just won`t do if you have a titanic backside and hope to prevent embarrassing wedgies. The key to getting a flattering look is wearing a high waist style and if you choose a string bikini then make sure the fabric is strong enough to hold everything in place.

Dealing With Back Fat Graciously

A bad experience to have to deal with when on the beach is people looking at your back fat because the straps or strings of your swimsuit are digging into your skin. The best option to prevent this problem is to go for wide straps and avoid strings at all cost. A plus size swimsuit with a high back can smooth out any bulges or bumps on your back.

How To Handle Thick Thighs

A big butt is usually accompanied by large thighs and depending on what the occasion is you could either hide them to be modest or wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and makes you happy. If you are out with your family then it’s probably wiser to go for a slick cover up that extends from your hips to your knees but if you are out alone then it’s okay to wear whatever makes you content be it a Brazilian bottom or thong.

Perhaps a Bit of Cellulite Isn’t So Bad

Nearly all plus size women have a bit of cellulite which is caused by fat herniating through fibrous tissue to cause skin dimpling with multiple bulges. The most important thing to remember here is that cellulite can be a form of beauty. As long as it is around your thighs and backside then there is nothing wrong with using your favorite bikini but if the cellulite extends to the stomach area then a full top swimsuit can work well for you.

How To Handle Scars

Whether it’s from a c-section or an old stitched up injury, scars can make anyone less confident about their appearance and the easiest way to deal with them is to simply pick a swimsuit that covers them up. A high waist bottom is perfect for dealing with c-section scar while a one piece suit can cover up pretty much anything you want.

Being Comfortable With Those Heavy Hips

Many women today want a pair of big hips and plus size women are lucky enough to have this in plenty. The key to making big hips work well for you is to simply go for the most congenial thing in your wardrobe be it a tankini or a bikini.

What About Tummy Fat

The best plus size swimsuit for dealing with a big stomach is actually pretty straight forward. A tummy pouch can give you a perfect day at the beach especially of you compliment it with an exciting top which highlights your chest assets so as to draw attention away from the stomach area.

plus size swimsuit

There are many other types of swimsuits beyond the conventional ones mentioned above. A good example of this is the hipster bottom which looks a lot like a scoop bottom in that they both very low rise and are designed to provide some degree of coverage of the posterior region. Boy shorts as the name suggests look a lot like guys briefs, they have a square cut and are designed to cover as much of the hip area as possible. Maternity swimsuits are made for pregnant women, they are designed with special fabric to allow for stretching so that a lady does not need to buy a new swimsuit every time the baby bump grows bigger. A tie side bottom is perfect if you are on vacation at the beach and spend most your time there. They have increased in popularity during the last decade or so because they offer the highest level of comfort and are extremely easy to put on and off and allow quick re-adjustment when necessary.


Ladies who want to get a perfectly even tan can try out a tan through suit which is made using an ultra thin fabric that is invisible to the naked eye. This guarantees zero lines and a perfect tan without ruining your style.

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