If you have 30 minutes, you can plan for 2018


OMG, are you in 2018 Planning Mode or is it just me?

I’ve been clearing my calendar, sharpening my colored pencils, updating my Sacred Business Binder, and sketching out my hopes, dreams, plans and schemes for the year ahead.

As a Woman of the World (aka full-time entrepreneur), one of the things I love most is taking off from mid-December to early-January. I don’t book client sessions then, and I get ample whitespace to reflect on the year that’s past and create the year to come.

But I know that life of leisure (as if – ha!) can’t happen for everyone. When I had my 50 hour/week Executive Assistant job, I’d be lucky to grab a half-day over the weekend, especially during the busy holiday season.

This is why I’m giving ya the best way to set your 2018 goals in just 30 minutes: mindmaps!

First, make a mindmap of what you want for your personal life & your biz. Put each “bucket” in a bubble, and then create “arms” for what you most want to be extending in that bubble. For example, you can write in the Business Bubble “launch my website”, “work with 10 clients”, “quit my day job”, etc. This way, you can do some clarifying, jot it down, and make it visual. Perfect for us creatives! Here’s mine:

When you have this down, choose the 3 most important “arms” in total.  Give each a deadline and make the goal its own bubble, like I show ya here. Then, break it down! If you wrote down “quit my job”, I’d add “Summer 2018” and then a bubble underneath that says “Take Michelle’s webinar” (ahem ahem), another that says “Do a financial inventory”, another underneath that says “Start your Breathe Easy fund”, and on and on until you have your end point.

Each Friday, I take 30 seconds to color in the bubbles of the steps I completed. I love my yellow colored pencil and the gold star-ness of seeing my progress this way.

If you do that for each of your 3 main goals, you have an easy-to-follow 2018 plan to make your business and personal dreams come true! No 14-day sabbatical necessary.

Have 90 more minutes to spare and want to nail that Quit My Job dream next year? Make sure you’re on the list to be notified when my Leave Your Job & Launch Your Biz in 2018 workshop opens up for registration. There’ll be an early bird discount code in it for ya!

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