The Best Weight Loss Shakes for Three in One Results

There’s a new kid on the weight loss block with a premium selection of the best weight loss shakes in ages. These shakes attack excess body weight from three angles, making sure you lose it once and for all. 

Laura Clark, a dietician who appeared on The Biggest Loser, is in favor of shakes as a meal replacement. The benefits of shakes are their protein content and ability to aid in portion control, according to her. 

Working three-ways

Yokebe’s shakes make sure you get results. Most shakes only suppress your appetite, leaving your body stripped of essential nutrients it needs to function. Other confuse your metabolism to such an extent that you’re still not losing weight. 

Yokebe has done its research and now offers shakes that help you lose weight, regulate your metabolism and keep you healthy. And healthy and lean is what you want to be. 

An unhealthy body will not lose weight. See why Yokebe’s shakes are the best weight loss shakes:

Hypocaloric Effect 

Shakes filled with appetite suppressants, but a lack of essential nutrients might make you feel full in the short run, but in the long run, your body is suffering from malnutrition. Yokebe has found the perfect mix of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients to help you stay healthy while you are getting rid of excess fat. Customers who drank the shakes said that they didn’t still feel hungry afterward. 

Metabolism Activation Effect 

when you are trying to lose weight, the vitamin B-family are your friends because they turn food into energy and stabilize your metabolism. Yokebe,s shakes contain vitamin B1,2,5, 6 and 12. 

Anti-Fat Effect 

The shakes contain the powerful proteins soy and whey. Not only will these nutrients keep your body’s muscle mass in place while you lose weight, it will also provide critical nutrients to keep you healthy. As a resulting benefit, your metabolism will be boosted, causing you to burn more calories. It’s win-win all the way to a leaner you. 

What ingredients are in a Yokebe shake? 

Yokebe shakes come in three different flavors: natural honey, chocolate, and strawberry. A shake typically contains 273 calories, 32.1 g protein, and 24.3 g carbohydrates. This is a perfect mix of enough calories that will not leave you hungry but will also not make you gain weight. 

  • Proteins – Whey and soy to support muscle mass 
  • Vitamins and minerals – Especially the B-vitamins to regulate metabolism 
  • Natural honey – For its minerals and enzymes, as well as a natural flavor. 

Add half a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the Natural Honey, like sunflower or rapeseed to the shake. This will help your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients. It is not necessary to add oil to the chocolate and strawberry shakes. 

Another reason why these are the best weight loss shakes is the fact that you can experiment with flavors. Add berries, coconut, mango, spinach, apple and banana for flavor variation, or interesting spices like cinnamon and ginger to your shakes. 

Diet plans the Yokebe way

To lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy, you will have to change your diet to include calorie-wise foods. Yokebe offers two diet plans to suit your needs and help you reach that magical number on the scale. 

Week 1 – concentration phase – during this week you will have a Yokebe shake in the morning, afternoon and evening as a meal replacement. Healthy, low-calorie snacks like fruit, soup, and vegetables are allowed. Stay hydrated by drinking the recommended eight glasses of water throughout the day. 

Week 2 – the learning phase – during this week you are still going to replace two meals with a shake, but lunch or supper will be a healthy meal. Do some careful meal planning and prepping. Continue to drink water and do some light exercise. 

The extended plan 

From week 5 and onwards you are going to continue with your new, sensible way of eating and make it a habit for life. You are going to replace only one meal with a shake, while the other two meals will be healthy and calorie-wise. If you feel the need to cut back a bit after bad food choices, you could always start the whole diet plan again by replacing more meals with a shake. Continue with the water intake of 8 glasses per day and up your exercise regimen. Yokebe has made meal planning easy for you with their scrumptious, healthy recipes.

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