Discover the Top jobs in Demand for the Future

There’s no doubt that the career field is changing. While the last industrialization bought in different types of professions and significantly changed the job market, the next industrial revolution is now happening. This means that there are new job changes which are going to happen. But even so, what are some of the jobs that will be in demand in future? This article offers insights on some of the jobs that are expected to be in demand based on four different sectors.

What is Career Path?

This refers to an employee’s growth in an organization.  It means the various type of positions which an employee has held as they grow while working in the organization. An employee’s career path may be vertical i.e. they grow while moving upwards or lateral i.e. the move across different roles.

Skills that will be Essential to your Future Success

Even with the job market changing, there are skills which are essential to possess, especially if you want to succeed in your careerPossessing them will set you apart from the rest and you will be in a better position of getting employment.  These essential skills include:

  • Critical Thinking: As much as machine automation is something that is happening now and is expected to grow in the future, its still important to be a critical thinker. There are situations that need human analysis and you might be forced to consider multiple solutions before making decisions.
  • Problem-solving: Jobs in the future will produce problems which you probably have never seen or experienced before. Soit’s important that you possess a mental capacity to solve such type of problems. Practice problem solving and over time you will perfect it.
  • Creativity: We are moving towards a time where most jobs will be done by robotsSo, how will you survive the job market? Well, all these depend on your creativity as an individual. As much as robots are great at calculation and offering instant solutions, they are still not great when it comes to creating original content. So, this is your chance to flourish.
  • STEM and SMACThis simply means that you should focus on STEM careers i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics because they are going to increase in demand in the future. Besides STEM, you need to learn about SMAC i.e.  Social, mobile, and Cloud. career in STEM and possessing SMAC skills will help you to stand out in the saturated job market.

Top Jobs in Demand for the Future

The job market has significantly changed. The advancement in technology including artificial intelligence means that there are new jobs which are being created while others are getting killed. However, there are certain types of jobs that will to grow and be in demand and they include:

Healthcare Sector

 Healthcare Sector

According to Health Carousel, career in healthcare is set to grow extensively in the next coming years. Note that the Healthcare is one of the largest in the use. Reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that healthcare jobs are set to produce the fastest employment growth rate.

There are new diseases which are developing with the previous ones becoming resistant. Besides that, there are so many diseases that require long-term medical care due to lack of cure. This means that this sector will still grow. Additionally, technology has played a crucial factor in advancing this sector with millions of people choosing careers in healthcare. Some of the fastest growing careers in this sector include:

  • Surgical technicians: They are also known as operating room technicians. They are important team players in the surgical room and they are considered to be the right hand of all surgeons.
  • Voice Assistants Healthcare Specialists: This comes as a result of voice assistants such as Alexa. Voice assistants provide home care support to seniors and those who suffer chronic illnesses.
  • Nurse practitioner/Physician Assistant: They provide patient care and coordinate with surgeons and physicians.

Engineering Sector

Engineering Sector

If you are looking for career in the engineering, then you are on the right track. Jobs in this sector will grow in demand in the future. Even as technology creates a shift in the way engineering systems work, there are still more jobs being created. Mechanical engineering and civil engineering will all experience the top absolute increase when it comes to job openings. However, there are other job openings in the engineering sector which will also experience a sharp increase in career opportunities and they include:

  • Environment Engineering: With climate change becoming a global issue, environment engineers will be in demand in the future. They are usually tasked with implementing principles and ideas that relate to chemistry, soil science, and biology.
  • Petroleum Engineering: Companies are now turning to clean energy in order to combat climate change and reduce air pollution.
  • Computer Hardware Engineering: Computers have become essential in current society. Their usage will increase even more as more and more people turn to smart, this means that there is going to be an increase in demand for computer hardware engineers.

Hospitality and Catering Sector

Hospitality and Catering Sector

A career in the Hospitality and Catering is still marketable and there is a growing need for experts. This is because millennials are now traveling more than ever. Traveling for content production has become one of the latest and most sought-after jobs. Travel is also one of the most popular pastime activities for most people. Because travel and leisure is going to increase, careers in the hospitality and catering sectors are also going to spike in the future. Some of the top careers in this field are:

  • Managers in travel and tourism: they work as travel agents, working in cruise lines, etc.
  • Human resources: they work in big hotels, resorts, or casinos and they are responsible for hiring, firing, paychecks, conflict resolution, and employee relations among others.
  • Management of Lodging Facilities
  • Waiters and Baristas

Digital Marketing Sector

Digital Marketing Sector

A career in digital marketing will never go to waste as there is an exponential increase in digital marketing professionals. Note that this sector encompasses a wide variety of jobs. But what is causing this high demand? Well, we currently live in a world where people spend more time on the internet than anywhere else. As a result, they carry most of their transactions online.

Whether it’s buying groceries, paying utility bills, planning a vacation, etc. people are now doing most things via the internet. The increasing demand for online transactions means that brands are turning to digital marketing. digital marketer is tasked with creating relevant marketing campaigns, email advertising, social media postings, community blogs, etc. All these are meant to attract tech-savvy consumers. This field comprises of a variety of niche jobs such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Web designer and search expert.
  • Online content developer
  • Business analytics specialist
  • Search engine optimization specialist
  • Email marketer
  • Brand management and professional blogger.

Tips for Getting a Perfect Career

Knowing what you want in a career is very important.  Depending on what you’re looking for, you can determine if career summaries versus career objectives is what you should use as your guide If you are a recent graduate, or you’re seeking to change fields or you don’t have a lengthy career detail, then you simply need to write a career objective. However, if you are an experienced professional, then you need to write a career summary. In order to get the perfect career, some of the tips you should apply include:

  • Know what you want in a job: Be aware of your passion and what you love doing. It’s also important to think about who you would love to be in 5 or 10 years to come.
  • Understand your weakness: You need to know your weaknesses so that you can work on them and improve.
  • Network: As much as you could be educated and experienced, most jobs are not usually advertised. But by networking, you will be able to get word-of-mouth about relatable vacancies. Network widely and share your skills with other people.
  • Research on the target companies: If you know the type of job you want, its only right that you research on the target companies. Check their Glassdoor page to get a glimpse of their work culture and some of the potential questions they are likely to ask during interviews.
  • Customize your resume for each job: This is an area which most people fail in. There is no one specific resume that fits all jobs and you need to tailor your resume to match each job position you’re applying for. Your qualities, as well as achievement, should match what is in the job requirements.

Analyze the job offer: Being offered a job is great. But you need to analyze what the job offers apart from the salary. In order for you to get the perfect career, you also have to think about perks like:

  • Car or car allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Pension contributions
  • Bonuses etc.

The Bottom Line

Healthcare, digital marketing, engineering as well as the hospitality and catering industry are some of the sectors that are going to have a high demand in the future. Specializing in a career that’s found in these four fields will greatly enhance your job prospects. Besides that, possessing skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking mean that you will be in a better position to land the job of your dreams.



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