TruVision Review: What You Really Need to Know

As most of us will know by now, the search for the ultimate health supplement is as seemingly endless as the search for the Holy Grail. Plus, there are a lot of disappointing dead-ends and potentially harmful ones in the mix. We got wind of some complaints regarding TruVision, and that’s our cue to carry out some further investigation. However, we find it important to investigate the scientific backing of a health supplement instead of just going off of reviews. Here’s a rundown on what we found out about the TruVision health supplements 

What exactly is TruVision?  

TruVision is a health product company that offers up a variety of goods including TruEssentials, TruNecessity, and TruHealth. As we began our investigative journey, we were immediately made aware of the chatter surrounding the side-effects attributed to the product, which is what got us committed to looking into each of the individual ingredients that went into it, as you’ll see further down.  

Now, with regard to the TruVision product itself. The TruVision supplement line was released onto the market in 2014 promising to be a weight-loss aid. One of its major selling-points being the fact that you could begin taking it immediately, while on the go. You could gain access to the supplement through retailers, wholesalers, and their online website location.  

Their major ingredients include:  

Vitamins – Essential nutrients that are created to increase the body’s intake if they can’t find the nutrients naturally in the body 

  • Minerals- An inorganic substance found naturally occurring that can aid in creating a healthier body. 
  • Green Tea Extract- Contains polyphenols, which act as powerful antioxidants. It also has amino acids, which improve brain function and has anti-anxiety effects 
  • Dendrobium- Contains properties which aid in digestion. 
  • Bitter Orange- Contains synephrine, which can aid in weight loss. 
  • Caffeine- Is a stimulant of the central nervous system that aids in improving weight loss and motor coordination. 

The presence of natural ingredients can always be added onto the ‘plus’ column! 

The Side-Effects: Unexpected?  

This was our most obvious concern. As we’ve noted elsewhere, weight-loss supplements should leave consumers in a somewhat brighter, lighter disposition, and we should be concerned when they serve to alter a person’s way of interacting with people as well as their view of themselves. One reviewer reported experiencing feelings of heightened agitation and a significant lowering of their general mood. However, weighed against the positive reviews, we have to note that this could be in the minority. It’s also important to point out that the side effect of agitation is one that makes sense if you’re not used to intaking caffeine. Since it is a stimulant, it can leave you with more energy, and sometimes people don’t know what to do with that energy. 

There were also positive side effects that were unexpected, with a user reporting that taking the supplements put an end to their stomach troubles, with no negative side effects to report. Another reported experiencing a heightened mental capacity to focus in addition to a general boost in energy levels.  

TruVision HealthIs TruVision a Scam? – What The FDA Thought  

The short answer is no. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) got in contact with TruVision in April of 2015 with regard to the inclusion of synephrine and 4-amino-2-methylpentate citrate (DMBA) in their products, listed as ‘dietary ingredients’. A reading of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic act shows that these substances don’t fall under that classification, hence the FDA’s concerns. As a result of this issue, TruVision was duly advised to discontinue the distribution of TruEnergy and TruWeight until such a time as the mater had been resolved.   

TruVision Results: What the People Said 

When looked at in their totality, the reviews of TruVision paint picture that make us believe TruVision health has positive effects. Users reported feeling more energetic, and happy, while others reported simply about their weight loss. Still more users commented on how they didn’t realize they would have the energy to work out, which is a large part of the process!  

The Final Word 

At the end of the day, we don’t think any health supplement performs miracles. TruVision health supplements have the all-natural ingredients that your body needs to enhance weight loss, promote a healthy self-image and, and decrease appetite. It’s important to realize that changes in weight and health start with a mindset. Once you agree to move forward with your lifestyle changes, see how TruVision health can work for you. 

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