What beats Sunday night work anxiety?


I remember Sundays when I was back at my day job.

On those mornings, I’d wake up and feel the dark cloud sliding into place above my head.

As the day progressed, it’d get gloomier. My shoulders would start lifting higher and higher. My tone with my husband would get snippier and snippier. My stomach would get knottier and knottier.

By the time dinner approached, I’d have cracked open the wine, having a glass at dinner and leaving it open the rest of the night. I’d drink to try and get my body to relax, but I’d also accept forget-what’s-waiting-for-me-tomorrow-and-just-pass-out for $1000, Alex.

Isn’t it amazing what we do to try to escape from our current work situation?

Even if the voices inside your head aren’t telling you to get out of dodge, the signs show up in your body and reflect in your actions.

You find yourself realizing that 6 of the days you have each week aren’t how you’d choose to live them. It’s no longer “What will you do with your one wild & precious life?” but “What will you do with your one wild & precious day?”

You find yourself unrecognizable when you’re at work, wondering who you’ve become and where the real you has gone.

Your find yourself a bit insufferable when you’re with your crew, going into rants about work multiple times a day.

You find yourself resigned to put your business on the back burner, since your job leaves you so spent atthe end of the day you can’t possible do the side hustling you need to move it forward.

But things can change as early as this Sunday.

This Sunday, you’ll know the 5 things you need to launch your biz with minimal cost + time and maximum effort.

This Sunday, you’ll learn what a bridge job is, whether you need it, and how to get one without making it your full-time job.

This Sunday, you’ll know how to get your first paying clients or customers without any online presence or experience.

This Sunday, you’ll have your business time scheduled into your calendar of choice for all of 2018.

This Sunday, you’ll pinpoint the exact month you can leave your job in 2018.

That’s because this Sunday, I’ll be teaching Leave Your Job & Launch Your Biz in 2018: A 2-Hour Planning Session – and the early bird discount ends tonight!

So enjoy that glass (bottle?) of wine tonight, because this Sunday, you won’t need it.

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